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Intrested in the Chinese Market? Do It the Chinese Way

When a western company tries to enter China, it relies mainly on its own experience in other markets and information in English. But as it soon to discover, the Chinese market plays by different rules, and those rules written all in Chinese. The Chinese distributors and partners provide only part of the information they hold from various cultural and business reasons. The uncertainness and confusion bar from planning and acting in fruitful ways in the market.

Don't be confused, gather reliable information from your Chinese industry insiders

The first step of gathering reliable information is to conduct a Go-No Go Roadmap, which will answer the initial questions raised before the decision made to enter the market.

The Go/ No go report examines the current status of your sector in China, incorporating relevant business environment data such as prices, main international and local competitors, distributors, regulatory framework industry. It can also include industry experts’ interviews and potential customer reviews. This report, based mainly on resources in Chinese, examines the feasibility of entering the Chinese market, a useful tool for managers and directors while deciding their China strategy.

Once decided the Chinese market is the right market for you, the next step is to understand how to act and where. The Market Entry Strategy is a comprehensive, down-to-earth market entry strategy, based on the GO/ NO GO report. This operational plan establishes your company in the Chinese market while detailing the required steps to achieve success: the right location, entity setup, marketing strategy, stock management etc. We can also provide due-diligence and legal orientation services as part of the plan.

An old Chinese saying “ 俱备, 只欠 东风“ everything is ready beside the east wind to emphasize the importance of a good implementation plan. Implementing the strategic plan might be tedious, but if you are consistent, you will only see your business growing in China. Our hands-on experience team will help you throughout the implementation phase.

As a Chinese speaker with more than 15 years’ business experience and a deep understanding of the Chinese culture, I know that a successful and productive activity in China relies on two legs: one is obtaining and analyzing the Chinese point of view through local channels, and the other is acting as a foreign company with Chinese characteristics.

Establishing both is my specialty.

Do it the Chinese way – Contact me at:


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